Three Oaks Counseling & Psychiatry was started to address some issues in our mental health system for both clinicians and patients.

First, we noticed that mental health clinicians, who must be educated with Masters degrees and above, did not have enough employment options in the private practice sector due to the overwhelming administrative requirements. The rigors of running a small practice are a nightmare for most counselors.

Mental health professionals typically get into this business because they want to help people. Running a practice requires scheduling, billing and collections, marketing, websites, accounting, medical records requests, and much more. In addition, a clinician has to be mindful of HIPAA laws, ethical issues, legal issues, etc. And if they are enterprising enough to accept their client’s health insurance, there would be no time left to see actual clients.

Additionally, we noted that the public does not have enough affordable options for obtaining mental health services. There is a large gap between government sponsored community programs and increasingly expensive private programs.

We got into this business because we care. We care about patients, and we care about our clinicians. Our team wanted to make a difference by bridging the gap between the corporate process and the people that work and benefit from a balanced mental health system.

We decided to form a group of talented mental health clinicians coupled with an experienced administrative staff to support them. Now the clinicians can focus on what they do best, and we are able to offer quality services to our clients using their insurance benefits!

Our Mission

  • To provide supportive and efficient services to our clients and to each other.

  • To provide a wide array of treatment options for our clients.
  • To treat our clients and each other with kindness, attentiveness, and respect.

  • To be professional AND authentic.

  • To refuse association with any stigma surrounding mental health treatment.

  • To remind everyone of the power of laughter.

  • To invoke faith in humanity to everyone we encounter.

“Take care of your employees and they will take care of your clients. It’s as simple as that.”

Richard Branson