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Let’s face it, relationships are just tough! Whether it is a parent/child relationship, sibling relationships, or partner relationships; we all bring our own perceptions, bias, and world views into the equation when interacting with others in the world around us. As humans, we are made to connect with one another, but those relationships can be challenging.

Three Oaks Counseling & Psychiatry has an excellent track record of helping families with complicated issues. We invite you learn more about our family and relationship counseling.

What to Expect
Family counseling has been proven effective in improving connection, communication, and trust within the familial setting. This type of counseling is done with the help of a trained professional who specializes in group and family dynamics. It takes patience from all family members. During these kinds of sessions, you can expect the development of healthy boundaries for the sessions, increased encouragement of healthy communication, and education on more effective ways to communicate and request needs from other family members.

Benefits of Family Counseling
There are endless positive benefits from engaging in family counseling. Some of the benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Development of healthy boundaries
  • Learning and improving healthy communication
  • Understanding one’s role within the family unit
  • Improving family dynamics and others roles in the family
  • Learning strengths of you and your family members
  • Development of more effective coping skills
  • Identifying and correcting dysfunctional interactions
  • Increasing self-esteem and confidence
  • Improving the family’s problem-solving abilities

Family Counseling can benefit several types of families including:

  • Blended families
  • Disconnected families
  • Enmeshed families
  • Foster families
  • Adoptive families
  • Families with a member dealing with substance abuse
  • Families who are experiencing a loss, divorce, or custody battle.

There are a variety of reasons why families would want to engage in family therapy. Our therapists have the flexibility to meet you in the office or remotely.

Family and Adolescent Counseling at Three Oaks Counseling & Psychiatry in Texas

Lindsey R Stockton - Clinician at Three Oaks Counseling & Psychiatry

Lindsey R. Stockton, LPC-S

Lindsey is the Clinician Manager at Three Oaks Counseling & Psychiatry and has several years of experience in counseling, parent education, and supervision.